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Company Information

Maximus Srl.
Registered office: Milano
Via di Porta Tenaglia 1/3
AT/TAX ID: 10906000962 

Maximus Italia Srl.
Registered office: Milano
Viale Bianca Maria 19
VAT/TAX ID:10444300965


Milan, February 28, 2020

Relevant updates
Maximus Srl on 11 February 2020 has increased its minimum statutory share capital to € 50,000 and has appointed the proper auditing body, a copy of the related public deeds, which are  available from the public registers, are shown here in extract, in this regard please note that the scheme of financial statement related to those deed does not constitute the financial statements for fiscal year 2019 which will be filed and published according to the terms of the law and the articles of association. 

Thank you for the kind attention 

Maximus Srl